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Transferring Sketch or Image to Wall: The Poor Man’s Method

Organization in the garage is almost done. I painted the top portion of the plywood wall to white to reflect light a little better and I wanted to put the site’s logo on it. If only I had a projector, this would be much easier.


First I measured out how big I want the logo to be, which is 36 inches in width. Then I drew a grid over the logo in proportion to the size that I want. Since this is a logo and I wanted to be more accurate, I have a pretty dense grid system. 1 inch per grid. If you are transferring an illustration into a wall mural, you could use a bigger grid system and more freehand.


Next, I replicate the lines of my grid onto the wall where I want the logo to be using a level to make sure everything is nice and straight.


Now do your best to copy the drawing into their respective grid. I made a sketch first before painting to help prevent mishaps. (And as you can see I clearly had a few mishaps.)


And final paint over.


Let there be light!


I finally got around to installing the shop light. Mayhaps this marks the grand beginning. The start of a journey. The blank canvas to which anything you imagine is possible. Ok, that’s enough. It’s a dump.

All I can say is hopefully it will be presentable in time for a spring opening.